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Kamisori is online Hair scissors and shears company. That innovative shears are carefully hand-made from some of the finest materials available today; no other company combines such diverse range of high quality metals with such unique craftsmanship.

Professional Hairdressers Must Include Shears Scissors Into Their Style Kit

A professional hairdresser keeps the collection of the latest scissors into his bag. This helps him in performing the task in a prominent manner. Adding shears scissors is one of the dreams of them, who reach to the peak in the field of hairdressing. These types of scissors cost very high but their availability makes them famous among the customers and reward higher revenue for them only if they are offering the best services at the right location.


Designs and sizes of shears scissors:

These are specially designed scissors for professional hairdressers in the market. The standard size of these scissors varies from 5 inches to 6 inches. Some experts suggest that the short shears are preferable in case of deep cutting of hair. They say that a longer shear is used for the powerful cuttings. In case of dry or wet hair, one can take 7-inch shear into account.

Shears scissors do not come only in the category of hairdressing scissors. There are various types of scissors included in this category. For example, a gardener uses a long length of such scissors to remove the extra grass or for reshaping the plants. Dressmakers also use such shears. Long scissors help the user in using more fingers into it that provide comfort to him or her.

Where to buy the hairdressing scissors?

Being a professional barber, the schedules become tight. Even I have to work on the weekends as most of the customers at the end of the week. It is not possible for me to go individually as I also consider the appointments of some special customers like Celebrities.

Being so busy with my schedules, I always shop online for the latest design and style scissors. I prefer light weighted scissors. These cost higher in amount, I have the collection of 4 professional scissors and the prices of those are above than 300 dollars.

Ending up the above information, my personal suggestion is that utilizes your time in your skill and always. One more thing is that prefer the reliable seller only. I have bought the scissors of lifetime guarantee to reduce the chances of any forgery. I had checked the company profile and reviews of the experts before directly purchasing such tools.

Buying Luxurious and Elegant Barber Scissors


When it comes to getting the elegant barber scissors, you have to very careful. There are so many scissors available in the market and sometimes people get mislead and get inappropriate hairdressing tools. To avoid any bad selection, it is better to first thoroughly examine the available choices. Hands-on practice is also a good idea that can give you technical know-how about such tools. If possible, you do some hands-on practice and cut hair using such tools. Then you can make the purchase as per your need. Examine the elegant barber scissors and evaluate them thoroughly. This is good to get a good overview of them and make the best choice.


Comfortable and Good To Grip Barber scissors

Good handling of barber scissors is also an essential aspect because you can cut hair properly only when you grip the hairdressing tools properly and make optimum use of them. It is important to have a close look at these scissors to know better about them. Familiarity with hairdressing tools is essential that you should always keep in your mind. This would help you get the best tools and then you can also make use of them as per your comfort. Using these hand-held hairdressing tools efficiently is going to give you the best haircutting experience. When you do haircutting smoothly, you’ll be able to get the best haircuts.


Hairdressing tools like barber scissors and thinning shears are available in a wide variety. Examine them thoroughly and get the best tool that suits all your requirements. Hairdressers want to get the excellent hair tools. This decides that they do the work efficiently. Luxurious haircutting tools are made of good materials. Their sharp blades help in shaping up the hair properly. Hairdressers get confidence when they make use of handy haircutting tools. This way, it is good to get the elegant tools and comfortably do various hairdressing tasks. Those who are new in the hairdressing industry should also go for the elegant haircutting tools because good stuff can only help you gain fame in the market and succeed over the period of time.



Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Hairdressing Scissors


It is undoubtedly true that scissors are an indispensable tool for the hairdressers. They can no longer deliver the best haircutting service if they don’t have long-lasting and comfortable scissors in their hairdressing kit. If you look forward to enhancing your skills and efficiency while providing your services, you must be adaptable to include different types of shears in your toolkit.

Find out some important things that you should always consider whenever you purchase hairdressing scissors for your salon. These important tips are guaranteed to help you find the best product based on your requirements:  


This is the first important thing that your selected scissors should offer to you. It should always be comfortable in your hand. Otherwise, it may result in some sorts of strain injuries in your hand, and you would hardly be able to continue your job for a longer period of time.

Size and length of Your Shears:

This is another important thing that you need to think about. The length of your scissors must fit in your palm comfortably. You should check out the size by putting a pair of scissors on the palm and see whether the tip of the scissors should reach the length of your middle finger.

On the other hand, the hair scissors should have longer blades so that it can perfectly be aligned with the comb.

Scissor handle:

Choosing the right type of handle depends on your personal preferences. It depends on how you want to have a grip while using the tool. It makes your job comfortable if you have selected the scissor shears with an ideal and perfect handle.

Right or Left Handed:

You need to find out the scissors that are used in accordance with your comfort. Never purchase the one that is operated against your hand, otherwise, it may cause unnecessary strain on your wrist.


Since the Straight Razors are the most crucial part of your business, you should also have the tool that doesn’t require a frequent sharpening. It is necessary to purchase the specialist sharpeners especially when you are using the convex blades. 



Benefits of Using Professional Scissor Shears

Hair cutting is not like chopping unnecessary things that you can do carelessly. It is a serious matter and you do need professional hair shears for this purpose. They are very sensitive instruments and keep you protected against many infections. On the other hand, if you choose poor quality of scissors, they could affect your health adversely. It is just Kamisori’s hair cutting tools that you need to trust blindly to reap the benefits.

There are lots of benefits of using


Kamisori’s hairdressing scissors. The first thing is that they do not cause any infection to your skin when they come in contact with the skin of your body. Since they are well-polished and sophisticated, they do not produce any snipping sound while cutting your hair. Their handles are moulded in such a way that you can easily grip them. They do not rust easily as they are made up of steel, which is very useful alloy for day-to-day usage. Being high durable and light, they last for a long time. Although they are a bit costlier in comparison to other cheap scissors, you get what you pay for. When it comes to its maintenance, you need to be very careful. Set a certain time to clean them with a piece of cotton cloth so that build-ups do not remain on their blades. For their proper functioning, lubricate them with a good quality of oil from time to time. Their storage also holds importance for you. Always keep them packed in a kit provided to you after every use.

Kamisori is one of the most famous hairs cutting scissors manufacturing company in the world. It is located in Markham, Canada and its products are available all over the world. It has a vast manufacturing unit, where highly efficient technicians work to manufacture the hair cutting tools. Steel is one of the chief raw materials, which is used in the manufacturing process. This alloy is very hard and durable and does not rust. This is one of the reasons, why Kamisori’s scissor shears fail to rust. At present, lots of consumers all over the world are using them. In fact, Kamisori has become of one of the most trusted brands in the international market. Its scissors are available in all the leading stores of the market and also online.

There are immense benefits of using Kamisori’s scissor shears. They are very safe for your personal usage and you remain miles away from any infectious disease. If you were not aware of it till now, it is still not too late for you. Shun all your old and outdated scissors and make up your mind at once to buy them. They are the right tools which give you stylish hair styles and at the same time keep you safe. Buy them at once for your personal use and spread their importance among your friends and kith and kin. By doing so, you will be rendering a great philanthropic service to them.

The Scissors That Never Withers- Kamisorishears


What does years of observations, trials, research and 93 steps of production provide? Perfection! Shears made by Kamisori are an embodiment of perfection. Crafted from a wide variety of top notch metals with time tested craftsmanship, Kamisori brings you shears and razors with a design factor that aims at precision, smooth and maximum output when put to use. For generations the veteran craftsmen have engaged themselves in producing the unrivalled shears and razors. For them making blades is just not engaging themselves in a livelihood but its an art, which requires discipline, perseverance and a life-time commitment. 

For hair cutting or for shaving Kamisori Shears has it all. With the addition KAMISORI Tanken Shaving Razor, Kamisori’s range of razors boasts of twelve distinctive razors. Subsequently, being handcrafted using Japanese VG10 stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 64, Kamisori’s MUSASHI razor is a classic. For all the straight razors like the ones mentioned above, Kamisori strongly recommends honing and stropping before first use, as well as to repeat this process afterwards. Apart from the wide range of razors, Kamisori also makes useful accessories available to their esteemed customers and respected patrons.

With regards to hair-cutting, Kamisori shears offers a range of barber scissors and thinning shears. The aforesaid are offered in Titanium collection, Dragon collection and Damascus collection. The newest addition to the Titanium collection are 15th Year Anniversary limited edition scissors. Further, the latest addition to Damuscus series is the pair of Azaki Professional Haircutting Texturizing Shears which guarantees a friction free soft cut. Some of the texturizing shears also allow the barbers to use it as thinning shear. Kamisori has also thoughtfully ensured that shears come for both left handed and right-handed users. It has also made payment easier for those who do not wish to pay for a particular variety upfront, through interest free payment options.


How Hairstylists Can Efficiently Use Haircutting Scissors


Good quality of hairdressing tools needed to perform various tasks that can make the hair look astonishing. Professional hairdressers understand this aspect very well and take appropriate steps to beautify the personality of individuals. They buy only exclusive haircutting tools that can make their work easier and effective. I am a professional barber and working in a saloon. In my saloon, my boss has bought some stunning hairdressing tools which I use comfortably to beautify the personality of individuals. I ensure to opt for only stunning stuff to give an appealing looks to my customers.

Try Unique Haircuts

With the help of special haircutting scissors, it is possible to come up with unique designs and showcase your beauty exclusively. Professionals are well-versed with the haircutting and its diverse styles. Smooth handling is what every hairdresser looks for while buying any shears. This is essential to make use of it appropriately and get an amazing appearance. I have purchased some of the best tools which work well for me.

Exceptional Hairstyles With Special Shears

Buying a quality scissor and making use of it effectively is something that every professional expect to do. By using shears scissors hair, hairstylists try out diverse haircuts. Before doing anything new to my customers’ hair, I ensure to ask their desires. Every individual wants a different type of haircut. When it comes to cutting special haircuts, appropriate tools matter a lot. I have a kit of different shears which I use as per the hair of my customers.

The scope for creativity is too much in the hairdressing profession. But, for this it is important to come up with exclusive hairstyles.


How To Perfectly Use Professional Thinning Shears


Texturing your hair for getting an attractive look is possible with quality thinning shears. Doing this would remove unwanted hair and you can use smooth blades for such process. There are several aspects that determine whether you thinning your hair or texturing it. Getting an exclusive look is possible with a number of hair cutting techniques. Thinning your hair is a simple process that you can learn and get the great look.

Finding The Right Pair of Thinning Shears

Consider a pair of texturing and blending shears. This would give you a great haircutting experience. Professional hairdressers should also have some other types of tools such as chunking shears, finishing shears and adjustable screws. Make use of these stunning shears and get the incredible appearance.

Texturing Bulky Hair

You require more than just shears to give an exclusive look to your hair. Use comb to straighten the bulky ends of your hair. Ensure to run your hand over it while combing. Then grab the section of your hair and cut it using shears scissors. The quality of shears you are going for this process plays a big role. Therefore, it is essential to choose only the right options and showcase your style in the best possible manner.

Improving your personality by giving an exclusive look to your hair is possible. You can easily make use of the great collection of thinning shears and improve your appearance. The stylish tool is going to set your hair and make it appear like never before. Ensure to use the thinning shears in appropriate manner and get an amazing look. With the help of a perfect shears, it would be easier for you to showcase your hair in a stylish way. Get a professional thinning shears and use it appropriately to get the glowing hair.