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Kamisori is online Hair scissors and shears company. That innovative shears are carefully hand-made from some of the finest materials available today; no other company combines such diverse range of high quality metals with such unique craftsmanship.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Hairdressing Scissors

It is undoubtedly true that scissors are an indispensable tool for the hairdressers. They can no longer deliver the best haircutting service if they don’t have long-lasting and comfortable scissors in their hairdressing kit. If you look fo…

The Scissors That Never Withers- Kamisorishears

What does years of observations, trials, research and 93 steps of production provide? Perfection! Shears made by Kamisori are an embodiment of perfection. Crafted from a wide variety of top notch metals with time tested craftsmanship, Kami…